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Health Insurance and St. James Infirmary

In the US, most people pay as much as $6,500 per year for their health insurance group plan, and that doesn’t usually include dental care or eyeglasses. That's right, ... $6,500 per year.

Living in Mexico, you can join the health plan offered by the Mexican government. It's called IMSS (Instituto Medicina de Segura Social), and it costs everyone a total of $399, no matter who you are or what your income is. Everyone pays the same. It covers medical, dental, prescription medicines, and if you’re of age, eyeglasses, too. When you apply for IMSS, you must fill out a form listing any pre-existing conditions. There is a waiting period of two years on all pre-existing conditions, but after that time, they are also covered.

Most of the doctors in Mexico are US trained, and you would be impressed with the cleanliness of the facilities. After joining IMSS, you are given a card with a membership number, and you can then enter any hospital in Mexico for diagnostic care and treatment, in-patient and out-patient care, emergency visits or doctor appointments.

The following are but a few examples of the quality of health care in Mexico.

Example One

An elderly gentleman who had no insurance at all had to have a heart transplant. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, where he required a surgeon, surgical assistants, an anesthesiologist, and nurses ... every one of them professional by the highest standards. Of course, there were all of the normal hospital expenses too, which included a month of daily visits by his doctor to his home after the operation. The cost of his treatment was a Grand Total of $8,000 US dollars ... Try that in the states!!

Example Two

Another man had a mysterious ailment that caused him to pass out on the street. He was taken by ambulance to the Cruz Rojo (Red Cross). He required 4 IV’s, 4 injections and a 6 hour stay. When he was released, he asked what his bill was and he was told … NOTHING!!. They did tell him that there was a small donation box by the exit, and that he could leave something if he wanted. He returned the next day and left some money.

Example Three

You can have full root canals done in Mexico for $600 which would cost much more in the states. If you want to have all your teeth removed and replaced with a set of upper and lower plates, it can be done for US$700. A new set of uppers and lower plates can be purchased for US$200.

For a regular visit to your personal GP, the charge can be as low as US$8, and you get seen by my doctor, not the nurse. Doctors in Mexico seem to really care about you as a person.

St. James Infirmary: A Medical Treasure by The Sea of Cortez

St James has developed a much needed pain clinic The hospital has a doctor on duty 24 hours a day. The intention is to provide the highest level of care at the lowest cost.

In addition to satisfying the communities health needs, the hospital has been a boom to real estate sales people in San Felipe who boast about the facility to prospective retirees. Good health care is vital to senior citizens.  



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