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San Felipe Is “The” Place

As you may know, the investment potential in Baja is enormous especially in San Felipe which is a small city on the tranquil, quiet and warm Sea of Cortez just under two hours drive from the US border, San Felipe’s close proximity to the Unites States provides the ideal destination for many Americans and especially the millions of baby boomers that will be retiring with a desire to live a comfortable and affordable life.

1. Lately there have been very favorable articles in numerous publication including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times (Sunday Paper Frontpage) which speaks of the great investment potential in Baja California.

In addition publications like the AARP magazine (the largest circulation magazine in the USA) embraced Mexico as a very attractive place to live and retire as the cost of living well in Mexico with above average life style is about $500 a month.

If you missed the real estate buying opportunity in Cabo San Lucas about 12 years ago and you regretted it San Felipe is the next Cabo do not miss the boat this time.

Why pay the outrageous Los Cabos prices for properties when you can buy in San Felipe at a fraction of the cost. San Felipe offers investors, snowbirds and retirees the same warm climate, beautiful Sea of Cortez beaches, but with the added advantage of border proximity.

The inevitable has happened. As of a couple of years ago the demand has rapidly increased and Properties values have been going up in San Felipe, Century 21, and Re/max have opened offices in San Felipe which are full of prospective buyers. In addition big developers and investors have been buying large parcels for developments.

Why has San Felipe finally awakened to robust investment? In speaking with local businessmen, developers and foreign residents the following reasons are given:

  1. 77 million baby boomers are now at retirement age. Southern California-Nevada-Arizona boomers, are like the 700,000 U.S., citizens already living in Mexico, desiring a less expensive and more tranquil retirement.

  2. San Felipe now has a state of the art hospital. The hospital advantage helps realtors sell retirees on San Felipe's ability to meet their health care needs in a facility that surpasses even some of the best U.S. hospitals.

  3. An 18 hole championship golf course was opened in October 2004.

  4. Re/Max and Century 21 are in San Felipe because they see the future and it is bright.

  5. Puerto Penasco, in the neighboring state of Sonora , is the closest beach community to Phoenix and Tucson . Arizona buyers are willing to travel the extra one and half hour to San Felipe to take advantage of real estate prices that are one half of those charged in Puerto Penasco. Last year Penasco prices were triple those of San Felipe.

San Felipe currently has less than 500 hotel rooms. Playa del Paraiso will offer tourists the much needed luxury hotel resort.

Geologically, San Felipe is spectacular. beautiful beaches, desert floor and a 10,000 foot high mountain range surround the town. San Felipe is located in one of the two sunniest places on the planet (the west coast of Chile is the other).

It is often possible to sit on your deck and enjoy a view of snow-capped mountains while you sip a cool drink in 80 degree temperatures.

The nautical ladder (sp. Escalera Nautica), is a joint project between the three states, adjoining the Sea of Cortez , and the Federal Tourism development office, FONATUR. This project includes a string of marinas around Baja that will allow mariners to arrive in one day from one marina to the next. This will make sailing around the Peninsula more accessible and safer for yachts. A coast to coast Baja road has been built in the middle of the Peninsula. It allows for easy transport of vessels from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez and back eliminating the long trip around the tip of Baja

This will bring about 70,000 yachts a year to Baja.

Why San Felipe Makes Sense

  1. Many U.S. citizens are expressing a desire to leave the stresses of the United States. They are looking for a more tranquil lifestyle: free of traffic and high crime rates. San Felipe is very much a quiet and well protected fishing village with population of 28,000 of which 10,000 are Americans and Canadians, it is definitely pueblo living.

  2. Because of the internet and digital, satellite technology, folks can work from home anywhere, including remote beaches North and South of San Felipe. The fiber optic phone system in San Felipe allows high speed data transmission

  3. San Felipe is a great getaway, in which the air and water temperatures are about 15-20 degrees warmer than our brisk Pacific coastline.


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